Attention Success Minded Box Owners: 
Discover How Box Owners Are Taking Their Gyms To MASSIVE Success...
With More Clients, More Revenue And More Freedom...
How To Elevate Your Box To MASSIVE Success...
Get More Clients, More Revenue And More Freedom...
From: Robby Blanchard-CrossFit Reach-Acton, MA
Date: May 1st, 2018
Dear Success Minded Box Owner,
You've probably never heard of me...and to be honest, up until now that's been just fine with me. 

You see, the reason why you haven't heard of me is that for the last several years I've been so focused on building my CrossFit box into one of the most successful Boxes in the country.  

In's been so successful that my Box consistently generates multiple 6 figures each and every year while virtually running on auto pilot. 

That's right...I'm able to travel, golf, spend time with my family...and my Box continues to run on autopilot. 
In Just A Few Years I've Been Able To...
Go from a 700 sq foot space to a massive 10,000 sq foot space...without taking out a single loan.
Generate multiple 6 figures in revenue AND profit each and every year
Featured on the Rogue Fitness website as one of their top featured Boxes (as you can see on the right)
Create and systemize my business so that it runs virtually on autopilot, even when I'm on vacation.
Have a business and Box that works for me (not just "owning a job" and allows me to wake up each and every day excited and not burned out while providing for myself and my family.
But Recently I've Discovered A Big Problem That SHOCKED Me...
Ever since my Box has grown in size and in it's success...I've been approached my many other Box owners who are curious about how and why I'm having so much success. 

To be honest this really puzzled me because I figured most Boxes are having the same success as me. 

But to my shock...I was dead wrong. 

Actually, it's the exact opposite for most Boxes.

From my conversations I've realized that the vast majority of Box owners are struggling.

Just some of the many issues most Box owners are going through (and chances are you are too)...
Struggling to get more clients
Only making part time money and working two jobs
Going through the classic "Box Burnout" where they lose excitement for the business
Getting beat down from competing Affiliates
Feeling like a "slave" to the business and not having the freedom to do what you want (take vacations, etc)
Realizing that running a CrossFit gym isn't just about loving to workout
This Makes Me ANGRY Because I Love CrossFit And There Is No Reason You Should 
Have To Struggle To Be Successful! Everyone's Box Should Look Like This...
So I Decided To Do Something About it...
Finally I got to thinking…

What if I combined the best that technology has to offer and did monthly live coaching sessions where I’d teach you the best client getting systems and funnels, closing tactics, business systems and profit maximizers that I've used to BLOW UP my business? 

And what if I got some of the best and highest producing people I know in the fitness industry inside and outside of CrossFit to share what crushes for them in their business?

And if I could offer group coaching calls where we would answer your most pressing Box business questions so that you can know with 100% certainty that you’re going to be successful and massively profitable without having to guess and "hope for the best."

And what if I created a private Facebook community where you and all of your fellow success minded Box Owners can connect, share your success secrets while getting complete access to me….can you imagine the HUGE IMPACT this would have on your Box and your business?
That Is Exactly What You'll Get With My Brand New Rx Business Ignition Program
How Does Rx Business Ignition Work? 
Rx Business Ignition is a monthly ongoing coaching, mentoring and support program for Box Owners who own and operate their own business.

Just imagine, each and every month I'll  practically take you by the hand and show you exactly how to strategically implement the same client getting strategies, referral systems, and income boosting tactics that I’ve done in my very own business. 

If it's good enough for me and my business, you can bet I'm going to be sharing the same information with you while holding nothing back. 
And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near the $12,000 to $24,000 I'll be charging for my upcoming private coaching and mastermind programs. 

In fact, you’ll pay only $3.30/day to get access to me, my resources, my business building swipe files, and my network of high level movers and shakers in the Fitness Industry.  And the whole time I will hold you by the hand and make sure that each system that you deploy gets you maximum results.

More Details On Rx Business Ignition Program in just a moment...
Case Study: See How Steve Was Able To Add $10,000
To His Revenue With My Coaching...
"I started with Robby and the Rx Business Ignition a few months ago and it’s the best thing I’ve done for my business. The amount of information you receive is second to none, I’ve been in other fitness business groups before (that were way more expensive) and they don’t even compare. Robby is always there to answer all your questions and the information you receive is something you can put into place straight away. It’s not a fluke that I did my first 10K week after my first month in the Ignition. Now, you’re going to have to work your ass off but everything you need to succeed is right in front of you thanks to Robby and the Rx Business Ignition.” 
- Steve Feeney, Owner, TFW Barrie
Case Study: Marcus Added $4000 in memberships...
"I was down to 30 members in my Affiliate and after joining Robby's coaching group just over 1 month into coaching I was able to see $4000 worth of memberships which is my biggest month ever. 

Robby is always there and responds so fast to my questions. Rx Business Ignition group is such a lifesaver and worth the money that we put into it. 

Thanks so much Robby! "

-Marcus Allgood, CrossFit Sidewinder
Case Study: See How Ben Has Been Able to Crush It In His Business Since Joining Rx Business...
"I was the stereotypical get your L1 and open up a gym person. 

Robby is a top notch dude and knows what he is doing. I know he has really helped me accelerate my business in the last 6 months.

Look Robby up and join the Rx won't be disappointed. "

-Ben Janike, CrossFit Kato
Case Study: See How Craig Was Able To More Than 
Double His Revenue With My Coaching...
I'm Craig Sylvester, 45 years old, a full time Firefighter/Medic in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I opened a small class based gym called Michigan Kettlebells I figured it would be way better than a part time job and I would get to help a lot of people. You know build it and they will come....boy was I wrong...
We have helped many people over the course of 5 years, and have awesome members....but we have struggled as a business. 

We have literally lost 10's of thousands of dollars to keep the doors open.

Robby Blanchard invited me to be one of the first members in Rx Business Ignition, this was in mid July, 2016. Thank God he did.

My gym was struggling more than anyone knew, even my wife. 

I never wanted to think about closing, but how much more could I keep losing, there wasn't much left.
I kept thinking, our gym was different, it was in a different part of the country, what worked for others, wouldn't work for me.

Well I started to go through the RxBI vault and actually implementing just a few of the things Robby taught. 
From mid July till the end of August, Michigan Kettlebells added 13 monthly, full price members. That might not seem like much for some gyms, but it was more than I had previously added for all of 2016.

I also sold for my first time a life time membership, actually 2 of them. Robby taught me how to price and offer it, I sent an email and low and behold 2 people took me up on it!

We over doubled our monthly EFT and instead of being behind on rent, we are 2 months ahead!

Rx Business Ignition has taken my gym from closing it's doors, to knowing that we will have to move to a larger location within six months.

I know this because in 6 weeks I went from losing over a thousand dollars in July to having our best month ever, since we opened 5 years ago. August revenue was more than double any other month in 2016!

This was done with only being in the RxBI for 6 weeks! I haven't even implemented everything they have taught so far. With 5 more months of knowledge from Robby and taking action on what he will teach the group, the sky's the limit.

Speaking of taking action, Robby will hold you accountable, and the group will hold you accountable. 

If you own a gym or are thinking of owning a gym, join RxBI.....Trust me Bro, your gym, town, or whatever isn't different, no matter how much you try to convince yourself it.

Craig Sylvester
In The Last Year I've Been Lucky Enough To Be Apart Of Over 100+ Box Owner Success Stories...
Let's face need help with your business– you need someone who’s proven and knows what they’re doing to guide you to success.

You are in luck because I’m super passionate about helping success-minded Box Owners who want to better their business and get more clients. 

And with the RBI program I’ve removed all financial barriers that previously would have stopped you from getting the coaching and mentoring you need to grow your business.

For just $99 a month you’ll get it all!

With this program there’s no travel costs, there are no hotel costs, and you won’t be paying thousands of dollars to get access to myself and my system.

All of that saves YOU A LOT of money and time so that you can focus on your business and quickly grow it.
I Have To Be Completely 100% Transparent With You...
In addition to wanting to help more Box Owners like you become successful, I have a sneaky reason for offering the Rx Business Ignition program for such a low monthly investment.

You see, my goal is to help you take your business to six and multiple six figures through the RBI program and once you’ve multiplied your success I want you to join my coveted High Level Coaching Group so that we can work together, in person, to take your fitness business to the next level– which is 7-figures gross. 

And I have no doubt that many of you will get to 7 figures if you take massive action.

You’ll be in great company because that’s the high level-coaching program where all of my most elite and massively successful coaching clients will be.

So I guess you can consider the Rx Business Ignition program as a " stepping stone” to even greater success as you graduate and move into my highest level mastermind program.
Wait...Here Is The Best Part...
The Rx Business Ignition Program will help you have more success from your business in the next few months than you have achieved in the last year alone. 
You’ll get more clients, money, freedom, and peace of mind for just $99/month (that’s only $3.30 a day...probably what you pay for your Starbucks!)

If you don’t see the tremendous value in this… if you’re not willing to invest $3.30 a day into your business education and Box's success then you quite honestly might be in the wrong field of work. 

This is a really good deal!

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Rx Business Ignition Program Today...
1. Monthly FB Live – In each FB Live, I'll give you my best Box business strategies that you can use to take your income to six-figures and beyond. The major points we will focus on will be high-level marketing funnels, competition blueprints, sales strategies, and referral systems that I've used to help you stay one step ahead of your competition. 

Each FB Live will give you the step-by-step process to flood your Box with more leads, prospects, and clients and at the end of each webinar I'll answer any questions you have so that you can keep the forward momentum going. 

2. The Vault– In The Vault You'll have complete access to a ton of videos, tools and resources that will give you… 1. Clarity of goals… 2. Accountability and support… and 3. Action so that you never feel stuck, alone, or unsure about your next action step. 

The vault will provide you with the support, direction, and accountability you need to accelerate your business to the six-figure level and beyond. 

3.Private Facebook Group Community– In addition to the monthly Action and Accountability calls you’ll also get access to my RBI private Facebook group where you can connect with your peers, your RBI coaches and with me. 

This is where we’ll critique your website copy, landing pages, ads and promotions, prices, programs, and marketing campaigns before you deploy them..

Can you imagine how successful you will be with me in your corner?
In this Coaching program, all of your questions will be answered...

This includes questions related to:
Creating Sales Letters That Convert People Who Are Interested In Your Gym Into Clients
Optimize Your Lead  Funnel So You Attract Qualified Clients Week After Week. Don't have one? You will now.
And Even Showing You Exactly How To Create A Turn-Key Business That Operates On Systems
Systemizing Your Referral Process So That People Will Do Anything To Become Your Clients
Maximizing The Size Of Your Transactions
You must agree to use what we teach you and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION 

I will guide you step-by-step to six-figure success by providing you with everything you need to know to run a profitable Box. 

Upon acceptance into the RBI program, we will equip you with a detailed blueprint over the next 30-days that is specifically designed to accelerate your Box to the six-figure a year mark complete with all the tools you need to attract and retain loyal, qualified clients who can actually afford your services and will refer you new business. 

Remember this, none of these things will happen for you simply by enrolling in my program, you must commit to taking  big time action and applying all the strategies and systems that we give you in order to ensure your success.
When Does The Rx Business Ignition Coaching Begin? 
The RBI Coaching Program is an ongoing coaching program that’s delivered to you throughout every month and is designed to hold you accountable to your business success. 

Each month you’ll attend a live coaching webinar with me, where I’ll teach what’s working right now in my business to get more clients, build your email list, attract more leads, create better business systems, and increase your profits. And you'll also have the opportunity to learn from my good friend and mentor, Bedros Keuilian, who will teach you even more cutting edge information to take your Box to the next level.

You'll have 24/7 access to the "vault": your new home where you will have videos, documents, webinars and a TON of other resources at your disposal. 

When You Get Started In The Rx Business Ignition Program Today...Here is What Will Happen...
Once you register for RBI you will gain instant access to the “VAULT” which is already filled with tons of my best Box tools, tactics, and resources to help you grow your business. 

You’ll also be given access to the RBI Facebook secret community page so you can connect with your fellow Box Owners and myself. 
Each month we will hold the live coaching sessions in in our private Facebook Group and this is where you’ll get access to new marketing systems that are attracting new clients for me, new ideas to increase your income, and systems to help you create a more predicable and profitable Box. 

Also, each coaching session ends with an open Q&A session with me. Oh and we will record it just in case you can't make it live :) 
IMPORTANT: Make sure to come prepared to these webinars and calls with your top three most pressing questions so we can use our time together to give you the most help possible.

Now, if you’re a success minded fitness professional to go the extra mile, get out of your comfort zone with your marketing, sales and system in your business over the next four months then honestly you just can’t fail.

However, if you are lazy and not an action taker… if you think that your Box is different… if you think that your market and town where your box is somehow different, and if you think that your clients are different then DO NOT BOTHER TO GET ON BOARD with this coaching program because I have no time, desire, or patience to try and change your mind.

Tough love...but I only want to focus all of my time and attention on people who want to take it to the next level. 
Ready To Get Started? 
Try Rx Business Ignition Risk Free For 14 Days...For Only $1.00!
Try It Out For $1.00 For 14 Days...Then Pay Only $99/Month!
*No Contracts Ever...Cancel Anytime
I want you to know you have an entire 14--days to try the RxBI program to see if it’s right for you. If at any time during your first 14 days you decide it’s not the kind of business coaching that you’re looking for then let us know and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked. Fair enough?

Committed To Your New Success, 
P.S. Okay, look… a few months from now you can be celebrating your Box's huge success as a six or multiple six-figure earner– financially free and no longer burned out with a business that works for you, or you can do nothing and find your self stuck in mediocrity and waiting for your competition to come and take more of your business way. The choice is yours. 
P.P.S. Listen, here's how this program is going to work to make you more money and help you build a box that dominates! Everything that I do to increase my member base, grow my income and dominate my market is going to be shared right here in the Rx Ignition group. 

And since I'm driven to 10x my box and continue to crush the competition - you can rest assured that you're going to get the most cutting edge and in-the-trenches proven resources to take your box to massive success. 
Try Rx Business Ignition Risk Free For 14 Days...For Only $1.00!
Try it out for 14 days for only $1.00...Then Pay Only $99/month!
*No Contracts Ever...Cancel Anytime
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